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Talk to an Art Advisor

Talk to an Art Advisor

Get a free art advice from an expert and discover artworks that are exclusively selected for you
Art Advisory - ColourfulStoneI

Why Mahoneys Art?

Exclusive Collection

We take pride in an incomparable collection of art prints and canvas prints

created by our talented Australian and international artists.

Sensational Artwork for Any Budget

Mahoneys Art offers a range of carefully selected artworks that are suitable for
any type of budget and project.

Free Art Advisory

Get personalized art advice from our in-house framing and art experts at no
additional cost.

Consult with an art expert free of charge

With more than 45 years of experience in art and framing, Mahoneys Art’s in-house experts are always ready to work with
you to help you find the artwork that matches your personality, space and creativity. Our art experts will listen carefully to
your requests and will recommend you around 30 artworks for you to choose from. Get this art advisory service at no

additional cost.

Looking for the collections chosen by the experts? Click here to view the curated collection.

Meet Our Art Expert

Greg Circle

Greg Mahoney is a frame whisperer, an art expert and a maverick. He built the renowned framing shop Mahoneys Framing in 1977 and has worked with thousands of clients since then. In 1987, Greg established Mahoney Galleries in the bustling Hardware Lane in Melbourne and has since been actively engaged with many of Australia's emerging and established artists. With more than 45 years of experience in the industry, Greg has developed a keen eye for high quality and awe-inspiring artworks.


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Advisory Service

Please fill in the fields below and one of our in-house curators will be in touch within 24 hours
Please upload clear images of the rooms where you would like the artwork to be displayed. If possible, please include furnishings and full wall where artwork will be hung.